Plarium Launches Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare on iOS, Android

The base-building strategy game is the sequel to the original Soldiers Inc., which was released on social platforms like Facebook in 2013.

Plarium announced the release of Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare on iOS and Android. The base-building strategy game is the sequel to the original Soldiers Inc., which was released on social platforms like Facebook in 2013.

In Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare, each player will build a base and recruit an army in the “failed state” of Selva de Fuego. Gamers can construct and upgrade buildings around their bases by collecting and spending three key resources: rations, munitions and fuel. Resource production buildings will automatically generate these resources over time, and users can spend resources to upgrade these buildings to increase their productivity.

Soldiers Inc Mobile Warfare Screenshots

As users collect resources, they can spend some to recruit military units for their armies. Players can recruit units in four different categories: light infantry, mechanized infantry, armor and aviation. Players can send their units to complete special operations for a chance to collect extra resources, units and more. These operations take time to complete, but players have the option to complete them instantly using premium currency.

Elsewhere, players can use their armies to take control of resource sites on the world map, and they can also attack bases owned by other real players.

Over time, players can research new technologies for their bases, which can improve the stats of their units, can unlock new items for construction and more. Users can also join alliances with other players, and alliances can battle against one another. Finally, players can compete against other players and alliances in tournaments for a chance to win in-game rewards.

In a statement, Avi Shalel, CEO of Plarium, commented:

We have worked diligently to transfer the hardcore MMO (massively mutliplayer online) aspects that made the original Soldiers Inc. so successful into a sleek and modern mobile format. By using motion capture and 3-D scanning to bring characters to life in a way that’s rarely done on the platform, along with innovative multiplayer features and a simplified UI (user interface), Plarium continues to push the limits of the strategy genre on mobile.

Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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