Soundtracking Fans Can Share AND Play Music In Twitter

Lots of talk of Twitter card integration around these parts the past few days. And now we have another to add to the list: Soundtracking.

You can now expand tweets with attached Soundtracking media and listen in along with your friends.

What is Soundtracking? They’re so cool, they let others describe them on their home page. Here are some favorites:

The Next Web: SoundTracking is like FourSquare for music fans…users can follow each other, share their [music] check-ins with other networks including Foursquare, Twitter and Facebook, and comment on each other’s music.

The Huffington Post: If Twitter and iTunes had a baby, it would be called SoundTracking… SoundTracking, much like Twitter, is both innately social and intensely personal.

And they just became thatmuch cooler by enhancing how they help users share music on Twitter.

Many people in our SoundTracking community love sharing their music moments in their Twitter feed.  We’ve been thinking about how to make this a more fluid and fun viewing and playback experience for our users and their Twitter followers.

So we’re happy to announce that we’ve now added support for both Photo and Player features using a Twitter Card integration.  So now when you share your SoundTrack in Twitter, your followers will not only see your photo, but can now listen to the audio inside of Twitter!

And it works on your iPhone too.
Do you use Soundtracking – or do you plan to start?
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