Sean Hannity Talks to Playboy About His Gun Collection

In the italicized intro to the July/August Playboy interview with Fox News and radio host Sean Hannity, contributing editor David Hochman ends with his thoughts on the question everyone wants answered:

“The ultimate question everyone has about Hannity,” Hochman says, “is, Does he really believe what he says, or is it all just an act? After spending hours with the guy [at Fox New York headquarters] and really getting into his head, I can say with utmost confidence, what you see with Hannity is what you get.”

It’s a lively conversation. Hannity challenges Hochman’s incorrect assertion that he has been beaten in the overall ratings by Rachel Maddow; recalls the tremendous look of disappointment on his parents’ faces when he announced he was dropping out of NYU; and insists he never feels the urge to Google himself.

Other fascinating tidbits encompass of course politics, as well as the hot-button issue of guns in America. Hannity proudly boasts that if Hochman were to go to his New York home, there is no possible way the reporter could get his hands on any of the weapons that make up his extensive firearms collection. “I can’t urge safety enough,” states Hannity, commendably.

Read the full interview here, quickly, before Sarah Palin starts tweeting about the Liberal media making too big a deal about Hannity’s Kenya-Indonesia-wherever Obama youth slip-up.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.
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