Playboy Sales Are Up After Dropping Nudes

People really are reading it for the articles.

Playboy-USA-September-2016-496x600-9393330-440x532America loves its Puritan Playboy. According to the New York Post, in the months after the magazine stopped publishing photos of nude women, newsstand sales soared.

Single issue sales of the non-nude Playboy are up 28 percent since March, the magazine’s last nude-filled edition. That’s good, if not weird. Perhaps people are just curious as to what the hell a no-naked-lady Playboy would be.

However, what is not good is that most Playboy readers are subscribers, and subscriptions to the demure Playboy have dropped by 23 percent.

A Playboy rep told the Post that while the magazine had lost some subscribers, it was adding new ones too — “More than 100,000 so far this year.” This, said the spokesperson, meant “the magazine is starting to generate interest among a new group of readers, which was our goal all along.”