Playboy to Launch Free, Somewhat-Safe-For-Work Website

Playboy, the now-struggling magazine famous for printing photographs of naked ladies and running the occasional probing interview, is plotting a new website that will be bereft of bare boob, according to a reports paidContent, citing the company’s first-quarter conference call:

In addition to expanding its mobile presence, Playboy is working on a “free, safe-for-work site” its calling, as well as additional subscription content. The strategy is clearly aimed at slightly tamer rivals like Maxim, which has captured much of Playboy’s targeted readers over the past decade, despite troubles of its own.

Sounds like there will still be scantily-clad women on TheSmokingJacket. Apparently we’re looking at a future where employees can tell their bosses, “Yes, it’s a Playboy site, but look, there’s a bikini on that model!”

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