Playdom Buys Argentinean Social Game Developer Three Melons

Playdom announced its third strategic deal with a smaller developer in March, yesterday — the purchase of Argentina-based developer Three Melons. It had already put $5 million in to another Argentinean developer, MetroGames, and bought Washington-based OffBeat Creations.

There are a couple interesting angles here. Playdom has a particular interest in Argentina, a location where we’ve heard other big developers have been opening up offices over the last couple of years.

The country is relatively educated and inexpensive, and as Playdom told VentureBeat in a detailed article about the Three Melons deal: “There seems to be a style there (in game development) different from what is seen in the U.S., which adds a dimension to our game design and art.” In an example of Three Melon’s international orientation, its biggest game — that we know of — is Bola, is a soccer game that we’ve watched quickly grow to nearly 1 million monthly active users and 168,000 daily active users over the past few weeks.

Terms on the Three Melons deal were not disclosed, but the company plans to give it a prominent role working on games and helping it build a bigger Latin American presence.

Playdom itself began buying companies around the time it closed a $43 million round of funding last fall, starting with social app developer Green Patch and iPhone developer Trippert Labs. We wonder what else it has planned at this point.

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