Playdom Commands This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Games by DAU With Gardens of Time

This week’s list of fastest growing games on Facebook based on daily active users features Playdom front and center in the number one position. The new hidden object game Gardens of Time has been showing a fascinating amount of growth. Launched on April 7th, Gardens of Time has gained almost 600,000 DAU in under two short weeks. This highly polished and fun game is on its way to surpass Playdom’s most popular game Wild Ones in daily activity within a day or two.

According to AppData, our metrics platform for tracking new Facebook games like this, the game is currently seeing 50% of its monthly active users logging in each day to play. Of course, this number is likely to go down quite far, as is usual for newly launched applications — but still, it’s an early indicator that Playdom has a game with good potential. For sake of comparison, Playdom’s other new game, Deep Realms, sank to under 17% DAU/MAU after two weeks.

Top Gainers This Week – Games

1. Gardens of Time 596,468 +571,855 +2,323%
2. Salon Street 371,572 +282,311 +316%
3. Zombie Lane 516,889 +216,311 +72%
4. Diamond Dash 866,976 +131,368 +18%
5. Gourmet Ranch 433,909 +121,962 +39%
6. Car Town 1,141,116 +115,892 +11%
7. TrainCity 203,323 +93,313 +85%
8. Monster Galaxy 802,546 +85,180 +12%
9. แฮปปี้เบบี้ 109,364 +74,874 +217%
10. Happy Hospital 329,068 +71,935 +28%
11. Mynet Çanak Okey 529,076 +68,396 +15%
12. Pet Society 1,617,797 +65,277 +4%
13. Happy Aquarium 909,343 +61,167 +7%
14. Bubble Island 1,203,625 +44,689 +4%
15. Slotomania – Slot Machines 430,976 +44,229 +11%
16. 開心寶貝 314,264 +43,260 +16%
17. (fluff)Friends 56,001 +43,206 +338%
18. Komşu Çiftlik 829,504 +41,280 +5%
19. FameTown 65,593 +36,983 +129%
20. Top Eleven – Be a Football Manager 505,173 +35,444 +8%

Zombie Lane, the newest Digital Chocolate title, has still been going strong and climbing up the charts. Having launched in late March, this zombie-slaughtering sim game has been on a direct path to popularity ever since. Though there is nothing overly original about Zombie Lane aside from a fresh theme, there is something that just feels right while playing it. Everything is in its place — well planned out quests, fun objectives, an enticing game loop, and cheerful and polished graphics and gameplay. It’s no surprise that Zombie Lane has over 516,000 DAU and 2.2 million MAU in less than a month. It’s a well done game and is now Digital Chocolate’s second most popular game after Millionaire City. Zombie Lane shows that developers don’t have to take too many risks; there is still a place for a well-designed game that sticks to the tried and true but delivers a high quality experience.

Stay tuned for our look at the top emerging Facebook games on Friday, and the top weekly gainers by monthly active users on Monday.

The data in this post comes via AppData, our data service tracking growth and trends across the Facebook platform.