Playdom Launches Big City Life Socialite Game On Facebook

Playdom, hot on the heels of a few gaming acquisitions and new hires, have launched their newest social game, Big City Life, and it’s all about becoming as popular as possible. The idea is that you create an avatar, dress it up, and then go out on the town and do tasks with your in-game friends, like taking them out on dates and just being popular in general. The more you do, the more experience and money you gain and the better you look.

I’m not sure how the real elite social circles work but if it’s anything like this game it must be hard work, as to get ahead in this world you need to be constantly doing quests and visiting people to gain experience and level up. The game does quickly add a whole variety of tasks to complete, and that’s pretty rewarding. You need to find jobs, nurse hangovers and even find homes for puppies (by spamming your Facebook friends list, conveniently).

There is no doubt that the game has a lot of different tasks and a lot of skills to upgrade. Every character has charm, smarts, fitness, energy and health, and each of these help you complete your tasks and earn experience points (career points) as you grow. You also have a list of friends, like a rolodex, who are always available to do quests with. The best aspect of the game is the fact that it does feel like there’s a semblance of a story. You start out moving into the city and have to get a job and build your social circle, and there is continuity as your character and his friends grow.

We’ll have a more in depth review as the game matures, but for now check out Big City Life.

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