Playdom's Wild Ones Takes Social Gaming Up A Level

While writing our recent feature about social games for hardcore gamers, I came across Wild Ones, Playdom’s latest action-strategy game. And hundreds of rounds later, I can tell you that this game represents exactly what long time game players are looking for in a social game. By taking the Worms game, and applying cool virtual currency upgrades, visual styles and great multiplayer action, Wild Ones is my personal choice for best action-strategy game on Facebook so far.


Wild Ones is a well balanced action strategy with fantastic visuals, absolutely addictive gameplay, great lasting appeal and a sweet overall polish. It’s a must play.


Great presentation, graphics and audio. Fun, addictive gameplay with great balancing. Great opportunity for the underdog to beat veterans. Customizing your animals is hilarious and fun.


Occasional lag. Rare glitches upset the delicate gameplay. Animal violence (maybe a pro for some people).

Full Review:


The basic premise of Wild Ones is that you control one small animal in a rocket-fueled battle against 3 other players with their own single animals. Each player takes turns taking shots at the others, and players continue to pummel one another (and the deformable terrain), until the round is over. If a player loses all their health, they lose one point and the killer gains one point. They then respawn on the game map. At the end of the round, the player who killed the most gets first prize and wins the match.

The control within the round is pretty awesome. When you’re given a turn, you get 20 seconds to make your move. During that time, you can move your little animal using the keyboard, and then you shoot using the mouse. Hold down the button to charge your gun, and aim with the mouse cursor. Simple yet challenging, just as a good game should be.

The fact that there are a variety of weapons to shoot, including rocket launchers, grenades, bee hive launchers, teleportation grenades (that take you to where the grenade lands), means that great players use their 20 seconds awesomely.

Once the round (usually 5 minutes) is over, the winner gets a ton of experience and cash, but all players get decent rewards. They can then use that to upgrade their pets, upgrade their weapons, buy new weapons, buy new pets and buy accessories. For people that like strategy games or games that make you think, it’s an amazing feeling to purchase new weapons that make you a much more powerful force in the grand scheme.


The graphics in sound in this game are top notch. All you have to do is zoom in by rolling your mousewheel up during a match to see the high quality graphics and details of each of the characters. Whether you’re a rabbit, a dog or a panda, each character has a great, fun image. The animation leaves a little to be the desired, and the flip that occurs at the end of each match looks a little too much like a “rotate 360 degrees” function to be fluid, but that’s nitpicking.

The sound is cool, and there isn’t any music, which is a bit of a downer. The sound effects make up for it, because the squeals of the little animals is perfectly amusing while being just a bit mean.

Lasting Appeal:

The game has great lasting appeal in its store and character selection. I can buy a variety of animals that join my entourage and then power them all up. They each have their own win loss records, and they each can be equipped with different weapons and accessories. Any player will enjoy taking the characters to new levels, because the feeling of power and destructive capability increases visually and viscerally. You can feel as your killer rabbit named Salazar shoots a laser beam through the Earth to annihilate three players at once.