PlayHaven and Kontagent announce agreement to merge

Image via PlayHaven

PlayHaven and mobile analytics company Kontagent have announced a definitive agreement to merge, combining each company’s separate, but complimenting technology into an all-in-one solution for mobile developers, publishers and more.

PlayHaven offers tools for developers to manage player acquisition, engagement and monetization. Its offerings include a targeted push notifications system, and a performance-based mobile ad network which reaches 176 million monthly active users. Its network reached more than 10,000 supported developers in October.

Meanwhile, Kontagent’s mobile analytics platform kSuite allows companies to gather and analyze user data, discovering where refinements and changes in apps need to be made based on a variety of factors, including session length or revenue per user.

In its combined effort, Kontagent and PlayHaven will create a single platform for understanding users, analyzing data, and more, without the need for companies to use more than one platform or dashboard to keep track of information.

“This is a massive game changer – not only for PlayHaven and Kontagent, but for our customers and the broader mobile industry,” said Andy Yang, CEO of PlayHaven, in a statement. “Together, we are bridging the gap between insight and action in unprecedented fashion.”

Yang will become the CEO of the combined company, while Kontagent CEO Josh Williams will become Chief Technology Officer and serve as the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Service for both companies will not be affected during the merger.

“The mobile market is fragmented; and creating a top application today involves dozens of SDKs and services,” Williams added. “We’re excited to take this leap forward – offering an end-to-end solution that greatly reduces complexity and helps developers act quickly in a highly competitive environment.”

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