PlayHaven gets granular with its new user segmentation tools

PlayHaven’s new User Segmentation tool now allows developers and publishers to show targeted content to their users determined by factors like location, hardware, engagement level and even spending behavior.

The new User Segmentation also works with PlayHaven’s other monetization tools. The company’s senior director of publisher development Zach Phillips says developers using the service now have far more versatility in how they they can advertise and monetize their games.

“The overarching challenge for mobile game developers is they have to take a one-size fits all approach,” says Phillips. “If I want to serve ads, I have to serve them to all my users. If I want to do a discount for the holidays, I generally have to do that for every user. This gives mobile game developers on both iOS and Android the flexibility to address their audience in a unique manner.”

With PlayHaven’s new segmentation tool, developers can divide their audience up based on a series of 10 pre-set dimensions: location by country, device language, network connection, hardware, iOS or Android operating system, game version, total times played, time spent in game and spending behavior.

“I can better monetize my non-paying users, I can better reward my whales or my big spenders, and at the end of the day it maximizes the ROI of the users in my game,” says Phillips.

Of course, PlayHaven is far from the first company to offer user segmentation tools, but PlayHaven’s integrated approach makes it easy for developers to act on the data, Phillips says. The insights a developer gains when dividing up their audience can immediately be translated into actions using PlayHaven’s other services.

“It’s all dynamically configured by the publisher,” he says. “It’s giving them the tools to say specifically ‘these are the users I want to address’ and then giving them the tools to address them.”

Originally a mobile social network, PlayHaven relaunched itself as a monetization platform in 2011. The company now offers everything from cross-promotion and advertising networks to services that manage rewards and virtual goods for developers and even a contact management software (CMS) inspired tool that allows developers to gather contact information like email addresses, phone number and zip codes from their users. It’s an all-in-one strategy that the company uses to help differentiate itself from the many other competitors in the mobile monetization space.

PlayHaven’s monetization tools are now used in over 3000 games, more the double the 1200 the company had in its portfolio in March. Over 500 developers use PlayHaven’s tools to serve 1.4 billion game sessions per month. The company recently closed an $8 million round of Series B funding from GGV Capital, and Tandem Entrepreneurs bringing PlayHaven’s total funding to $11 million.

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