Playnomics analyzes mobile monetization in Q3 2013 Player Engagement Study

Image via Playnomics

Predictive analytics company Playnomics has today released its Q3 2013 Player Engagement Study, which measured game usage trends on a global scale, with a focus on engagement and monetization. The study compared the natural in-game behaviors of players of both web games and mobile games, and found mobile gamers monetize much faster than those on the web.

According to the study, mobile gamers spend 63.4 percent of their total lifetime spending within their first day with a game, while non-mobile gamers spend only 10.4 percent on the first day. Spending was also more evenly distributed among mobile users, as 20 percent of mobile users accounted for 56 of the total spend. In comparison, the top 20 percent of non-mobile gamers accounted for 86.7 percent of total spending.

[contextly_sidebar id=”c5a15ff0320f32f096147ab3162a287b”]The study also found a three-session threshold for monetization in non-mobile games. According to Playnomics, this threshold predicts with 74 percent accuracy whether or not a player would ever spend money, depending on how many play sessions they’ve had in the first seven days of discovering a game. That is, those who play a game less than three times in the first seven days are not going to spend money, while those who play three or more times in the first week likely will.

Playnomics studied data from 10,000 men and 10,000 women, randomly selected from the Playnomics network of over 300 million user profiles. It found men and women play almost equally in their first 60 days, with men playing an average of 114 minutes during that time period, and women playing 106 minutes.

However, women were found to play more frequently early on, going through 72 percent of their total play time in the first 14 days. In comparison, men ‘spent’ only 62.2 percent of their total play time in the first two weeks.

“Our intention with this report is to give marketers insight into the granular patterns of player behavior that we’ve seen in games across mobile and the web,” said Chethan Ramachandran, CEO of Playnomics, in a company statement. “For example, in the third quarter, our findings revealed that players of mobile games were likely to monetize dramatically faster than web games. Insights like these enable marketers to better engage, retain, and monetize their audience.”

Playnomics launched its Acquisition Value Predictor in November, aimed at allowing marketers to predict the lifetime value of new consumers within 75 percent in only a few days. More information on its platform can be found on the company’s website.

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