Playstation, Burger King, Swatch and Clarins begin using global pages

Playstation, Swatch and Clarins¬†have unified their numerous region-specific Facebook pages into the new¬†global page format¬†this week, based on information from our PageData tracking service. We’ve also noticed Kit-Kat seems to have added more regions to its global page and Burger King grouped some of its pages into a Burger King Americas page, while leaving other regions as standalone pages.

Global pages have a unified Like and People Talking About This count, but the language, profile image, cover photo, posts and tabs can differ by region. As such, these brands have seen substantial increases in PTAT this week. Users who visit a global page are automatically directed to the version specific to their region, but they can access any regional or global page through a drop-down menu.

Region-specific pages often make similar page posts in their respective languages, but can still have different content strategies. To create global pages, brands have to work directly with a Facebook rep.

Playstation¬†received more than 2.1 million engagements across its Facebook pages, making it a top PTAT gainer for the week. Much of this engagement has taken place on the brand’s non-English pages. Interestingly, the company has kept a separate page for Canada, which is not accessible from the global page. This may just be temporary.

Swatch has also been a top gainer for product and service pages this week. By adopting global pages, Swatch has been able to unify the brand’s PTAT and Likes across 38 region-specific pages. The pages display different cover photos and highlight different products.

Cosmetics company, Clarins, has unified its likes and PTAT across 31 pages.

Burger King has added 25 pages to a Burger King Americas page, while leaving other regions like Egypt and Malaysia separate.

Kit-Kat,¬†Dove,¬†Holiday Inn¬†and¬†Frankenweenie¬†are pages that had early access to global pages. The feature is also being used on Facebook’s own marketing page.