Playstation, Samsung Mobile, Intel and others among this week’s top PTAT gainers for product and service pages

Playstation is this week’s top gaining page in the People Talking About This metric for product and service pages. Highlighting its new Playstation 4 console at the Electronic Entertainment Expo last week, the page generated a large buzz from the console gaming community.

This list of top gaining product and service pages is compiled with PageData, which tracks page growth and engagement across Facebook.

# Name People Talking About Daily Growth Weekly Growth 
1    PlayStation 1,217,897 -17,797 +874,125
2    Samsung Mobile 1,684,227 0 +674,282
3    Intel 937,069 +229,436 +502,516
4    Visa 728,030 0 +223,825
5    Carmen Steffens 174,674 +34,990 +149,625
6    Ne-Cap 119,304 0 +118,524
7    Mozilla Firefox 158,140 +22,389 +95,102
8    GoPro 295,036 +35,603 +94,171
9    Congrats Books 88,586 +16,470 +88,382
10    Nike Corre 100,891 +21,704 +86,709

Surprisingly, the Playstation page does not publish an update every day. With a large weekly growth, it would normally seem that the Playstation page regularly schedules posts to maintain its large PTAT.

According to this chart from PageData, the page saw a large increase in page likes at the beginning of the month, but did not see increased engagements until recently. The numbers on the chart indicate when a page post was published on the page, showing the page has not spread apart its content. It has only started to submit more updates recently. In this case, these posts were about the new PS4 console. In contrast to number 2 on this week’s list, Samsung Mobile, the Playstation page’s activity is mostly sporadic, lacking consistent updates.

From this chart, it can be seen that Samsung is running Page Like advertisements to increase its total fan base. The steady average increase in Page Likes helps to bolster its PTAT across all of its global pages. The page also spreads out is updates more than the Playstation page. Because of this, it is likely that the Samsung Mobile page will continue to see more engagement week to week, while the Playstation page falls after the buzz around the PS4 dies down.

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Playstation banner image courtesy of Playstation’s Facebook page.

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