Playtox launches mobile browser MMO World of Shadows in the US

Image via Playtox

Mobile game developer Playtox has announced the release of its latest game in the US, World of Shadows. The game leverages HTML5 and is available for play on any mobile device with a “modern” browser, without the need to download an app. World of Shadows sees players entering a fantasy realm, completing quests  and collecting loot to make their character stronger over time.

World of Shadows allows players to adventure as a mage, warrior or monk. There are more than 500 quests to complete and 21 dungeons to clear, as well as over 1,800 outfits available for players. The game’s pet system sees players adopting creatures, each with their own healing or guardian abilities, while items like amulets can be upgraded to increase their power.

World of Shadows is heavily text-based, with basic menus allowing for combat. Players can choose to heal, attack, cast spells and more during battle, with small portions of story displayed on each screen. The game ranks tasks and quests by level, so players know which quests are (likely) still too difficult to complete without leveling up.

Image via Playtox

“World of Shadows was inspired by our team of self-proclaimed gamers, and has all the classic elements of what should be in a role-player game, including a creative and unique storyline,” said Artem Zinoviev, CEO of Playtox, in a statement. “As a result, we have been able to keep active users for a year to a year and half on average. We look forward to seeing this success translate to U.S. gamers as well.”

World of Shadows was previously released in Eastern Europe, and has been played by over 21 million gamers. Its in-game monetization options have seen Playtox convert over 10 percent of players to paying users, generating an average revenue per paying user of $23.

World of Shadows is now available for free on mobile, and supports Facebook Connect for sharing achievements with others. The game follows Playtox’s release of My Farm, another MMO, in July.

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