PlayTV For PS3 Lets You Watch HDTV With Facebook Friends

Playstation 3’s PlayTV add-on allows users to watch HDTV right from within the Playstation, and the makers of the service are adding Facebook Connect later this year. While details are slim, the potential is huge for social TV, as players could watch TV and talk to their friends simultaneously, all from the comfort of their living room.

The PlayTV update was announced on the Playstation Blog and is expected to be released later in 2010. There aren’t too many updates relating to the update at this point, if you look to competing features from XBox, you can see that their service promotes watching television and interacting with friends. Specifically, Microsoft’s partnership with SkyTV allows you to watch a few channels and have your Avatar available and ‘sit’ in a room with friends. You can then have your avatar perform certain actions as you watch the show. You can also, of course chat with friends.

I imagine this is similar to what PlayTV will be able to offer, but with a tight Facebook integration, maybe it will end up a little closer to how FB Connect is implemented on CNN during important events like the President’s inauguration. We’ll see and keep you updated as more news is reported.

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