Pleasant Thoughts With Connie Chung: Yak! Her Husband Makes her Wanna Throw Up

Politico’s Kiki Ryan brings us a little comic relief this afternoon with a story about Connie Chung and her husband, Maury Povich, at the Newseum (although we’re not sure Chung was actually trying to be funny).

Turns out Chung doesn’t much care for the baby daddy-ridden shows her tabloid-y talk show spouse puts on. Chung (essentially) says her husband is smarter than that. He says as long as she thinks he’s smart, everything’s okay. To that, Chung says, “Makes me Wanna Throw Up.”


All in all, we hear the entire evening was super uncomfortable. Everyone in the audience kept looking around like, ‘whoa is this for real or a joke?’ Some felt bad for him.

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