Please Tell Us if Pitchfork’s New Site is a Joke or Not

Pitchfork, the mind numbingly self-important music site that covers bands whose members think wearing winter hats inside is socially acceptable, is launching a new site called Nothing Major. We think. That’s where you come in.

We need your help determining if Nothing Major is a joke or not, because judging by Pitchfork’s description of it, it’s either a hilarious parody or yet another worthless hipster hangout. Here are some highlights from the post announcing the new site. Read them and then give us your take on it.

Nothing Major is:

An online destination covering emerging visual culture.

This is the from the first line of Pitchfork’s description, and it’s fantastic! Is visual culture just emerging now? Because we thought it had been around for a long time. Actually, wait. What is “visual culture?” Are they talking about porn? We think they’re talking about boobs and butts. Is that what you think too? Maybe don’t answer that.

NøMa, as we like to call it, loves bedroom GIF-makers, resurgent craftsmen, by-hand-typographers, vintage album cover aficionados, and upstart brands, as well as unsung classics and amazing underdog projects looking for funding.

Hahahaha! “Bedroom GIF-makers” and “resurgent craftsmen!” Oh man, that is great stuff! Hey “Nothing Major” — if that’s even your real name — we recently started making tiny houses out of popsicle sticks again after not having done so since we were in the fifth grade, how’s that for a “resurgent craftsman?” Hahahaha! Oh, you’re slaying us, you silly sillies.

As the name implies, Nothing Major doesn’t take itself too seriously—but that doesn’t mean we’re not serious.

Uh… So, they’re serious about not being serious? Or are they seriously serious? We seriously have no idea what to make of Nothing Major. Please help.

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