Pocket Tripod for iPhone Conveniently Transforms into Thinness of Credit Card

Not many iPhone Accessories have the stamp of approval from Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak, but this is what he had to say about this iPhone Pocket Tripod:

Great project. Never would have come about without a great deal of creativity and desire to do something different…it’s perfect for me. You can count me in. I never had thought that something like that could be done.


The product design is ingenious: its simplicity conveniently hides its clever engineering and design.
The fold-able pocket-size device snaps together like a credit card – perfect for stowing away in your wallet or purse. To re-assemble, just snap it apart and put your iPhone into place. Once your phone is securely in place, just rotate it to your desired angle for easy viewing. Since the iPhone has uniform thickness, it works for landscape as well as portrait mode.

To see the iPhone stand in action, just download the product app where you can make suggestions on color combinations for future models. Back the product on Kickstarter for $25 to get your own.

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