Pocketbook Launches New 10″ Android tablet at IFA

Today marked the official launch of Pocketbook’s newest tablet, the A10. While the release date and price of this tablet weren’t discussed, Pocketbook did share quite a bit of technical info.

The A10 is based on a 10″ (1024×768) capacitive touchscreen, and it’s running Android v2.3.4 Gingerbread on a Texas Instruments 1GHz CPU. It comes with Wifi/Bluetooth, 4GB Flash storage, a microSD card slot, speaker/mike, and a 2MP camera.

There are mixed reports about whether it will have access to the Android market, but I do know that it will ship with Pocketbook’s own reading app as well as basic apps for email, web browser, and so on.

You can click the image at right to see a larger version. It’s a nice looking tablet, and it might do well if priced low enough.

All of the news today confirms the information that was leaked to me earlier this week. But it’s also a little disappointing. Pocketbook has long been known to be working on an eReader with a Mirasol screen, but there’s no sign that it is ready to be launched.

via Pocketbook