Podcast 37: LiveScribe Pulse Smartpen-Conversation with Karen Lee, Marketing Manager

I spoke with LiveScribe Pulse Smartpen Marketing Manager Karen Lee in Podcast 37. We talked about the LiveScribe company, the new 4GB model Pulse Smartpen, the 3rd party MyScript for LiveScribe ink-to-text transcription application, and some hints about using the Pulse Smartpen.

Karen gave me a great tip that solves a problem I’ve had for a long time: How do I record a podcast with someone using a conventional telephone (instead of Skype)? The solution is one of those simple-slap-my-forehead ones that I didn’t think of trying. But, thankfully, Karen shared that tip with me. You can hear it in about the last third of the podcast.

This podcast is 27 minutes and 31 seconds long.

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