Podcast 51: PostSecret Founder Frank Warren Talks About the New PostSecret iPhone App

In Podcast 51, PostSecret.com founder Frank Warren discusses the new $1.99 PostSecret iPhone app. The app does not require a sign-up. It lets you anonymously post secrets as well as read the ones that are selected for publication each week. You can see the general location where secrets are posted from although the identifies of the person posting is anonymous. Crisis hotline information is also available in the app.

PostSecret (iTunes App Store)

Frank provides a brief history of the PostSecret.com website. He provides insight into the evolution of the project from the website to a mobile app, the rationale for the $1.99 app price (the web has been ad-free from day one) and the advantages the app has over the website.

You can listen to the podcast using the embedded player below or subscribing to the MobileViews.com Podcast on iTunes.

PostSecret iPhone App Will Let You Share Personal Secrets Anonymously (Sept. 2, Social Times)

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