Podio Makes It Easy To Create Mobile Apps

When personal computers were first sold they had to include a programming language so that people could write programs to make them useful. While that is no longer the case for PCs, and certainly is not for smartphones thanks to their app stores, you might still encounter situations where no app is available that is a perfect fit for a need. In such situations it might be useful to have an easy way to create your own apps, and if you are interested in doing so you might consider Podio.

Podio is in a class of cloud applications known as Platform As A Service (PaaS), which means that you can use it to create your own applications that Podio hosts. Podio has a large catalog of existing apps that you can copy into your own workspace to use as your own, and you can then change those apps so that they meet your need. You also can create your own apps from scratch.

Creating an app in Podio does not require knowing a programming language. You basically create web forms by selecting field types to add to the form. Podio handles the storage of the data behind the forms, so that is something you don’t need to worry about.

As a test, I created a simple app to store web site names and their addresses. First I created a new app and gave it a name. Next I created a text field, called it “Link Name” and then I added a second field that is a pre-defined for web links and simply named it “Link”. I saved the app and it was ready for use, all I needed to do was click Add A New link and a simple web form displayed for me to enter a web site name and its address.

While these web-based apps are useful, what is really cool is that they can also be mobile. All you need to do is install the free Podio app on an iPhone and log in. On the home screen you see a button called Spaces, which is where your apps are stored. Tap spaces and then the name of the space where you created the app. In the screen shot you see the list view of the Links app that I created. Unfortunately, the Android version of Podio currently does not support apps but a new version should be released shortly that does.

Podio accounts are free and provide an unlimited number of apps and storage that can be shared with up to 10 users. If you want to provide apps for a greater number of users and get more functionality like reporting and user management, you can sign up at $4 per user per month.