Pokemon Go Is Celebrating Spring With Its Eggstravaganza Event

The event will allow players to earn bonus experience points and more

Niantic revealed the latest in-game event coming to Pokemon Go. Titled the Pokemon Go Eggstravaganza, the egg-themed event will allow players to find a greater variety of Pokemon when hatching 2km eggs and receive more Pokemon Candy for every Pokemon they hatch.

During this event, players will also earn double experience points for every in-game action they take. If players use Lucky Eggs during this event, they’ll earn four times the normal amount of experience points for a limited time.

Finally, for the duration of this event, Lucky Eggs will be 50 percent off in the game’s store.

The Pokemon Go Eggstravaganza event will run from 4 p.m. ET Thursday (April 13) until 4 p.m. April 20.

This event is one of many limited-time events that have come to Pokemon Go since the game’s launch last July. These events can inspire users to play more often, and they may even drive additional visits to sponsored locations, such as Starbucks and Sprint stores. So far, Pokemon Go has driven 500 million visits to sponsored locations.