Polaris Music Prize Long List for 2013 on Spotify

The Polaris Music Prize Long List has been revealed for 2013. We’ve used the Spotify app to create a free playlist of the albums on the Polaris Long List.

The prestigious prize helps introduce the world to creative new independent acts. Here’s more from Polaris founder Steve Jordan:

This year’s Long List is all over the map, but in the best possible way … A lot of our jury expressed that this was the most difficult Polaris ballot they’ve ever submitted. The results of this careful and passionate deliberation will make for some truly engaging listening for music lovers.

Polaris Music Prize Long List for 2013 on Spotify

A Tribe Called Red – Bread & Cheese (feat. Black Bear)
A Tribe Called Red – Ndn Stakes (feat. Sitting Bear)
A Tribe Called Red – The Road (feat. Black Bear)
A Tribe Called Red – Different Heroes (feat. Northern Voice)
A Tribe Called Red – Sisters (feat. Northern Voice)
A Tribe Called Red – Electric Intertribal (feat. Smoke Trail)
A Tribe Called Red – Pbc (feat. Sheldon Sundown)
A Tribe Called Red – Red Riddim (feat. Eastern Eagle)
A Tribe Called Red – Tanto’s Revenge (feat. Chippewa Travellers)
A Tribe Called Red – Sweet Milk Pop
Anciients – Raise the Sun
Anciients – Overthrone
Anciients – Falling in Line
Anciients – The Longest River
Anciients – One Foot in the Light
Anciients – Giants
Anciients – Faith and Oath
Anciients – Flood and Fire
Anciients – For Lisa
Anciients – Humanist – bonus track
Anciients – Built to Die – Bonus track
The Besnard Lakes – 46 Satires
The Besnard Lakes – And Her Eyes Were Painted Gold
The Besnard Lakes – People of the Sticks
The Besnard Lakes – The Specter
The Besnard Lakes – At Midnight
The Besnard Lakes – Catalina
The Besnard Lakes – Colour Yr Lights In
The Besnard Lakes – Alamogordo
Daphni – Yes, I Know
Daphni – Cos-Ber-Zam Ne Noya (Daphni Mix)
Daphni – Ye Ye
Daphni – Light
Daphni – Pairs
Daphni – Ahora
Daphni – Jiao
Daphni – Springs
Daphni – Long
Mac Demarco – Cooking Up Something Good
Mac Demarco – Dreaming
Mac Demarco – Freaking Out the Neighborhood
Mac Demarco – Annie
Mac Demarco – Ode to Viceroy
Mac Demarco – Robson Girl
Mac Demarco – The Stars Keep On Calling My Name
Mac Demarco – My Kind of Woman
Mac Demarco – Boe Zaah
Mac Demarco – Sherrill
Mac Demarco – Still Together
Evening Hymns – Intro
Evening Hymns – Arrows
Evening Hymns – Family Tree
Evening Hymns – You And Jake
Evening Hymns – Cabin In The Burn
Evening Hymns – Asleep In The Pews
Evening Hymns – Spirit In The Sky
Evening Hymns – Irving Lake Access Road, February 12th 2011
Evening Hymns – Song To Sleep To
Evening Hymns – Moon River
Evening Hymns – Spectral Dusk
Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Mladic
Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Their Helicopters Sing
Godspeed You! Black Emperor – We Drift Like Worried Fire
Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Strung Like Lights At Thee Printemps Erable
Chilly Gonzales – White Keys
Chilly Gonzales – Kenaston
Chilly Gonzales – Minor Fantasy
Chilly Gonzales – Escher
Chilly Gonzales – Rideaux Lunaires
Chilly Gonzales – Nero’s Nocturne
Chilly Gonzales – Venetian Blinds
Chilly Gonzales – Evolving Doors
Chilly Gonzales – Epigram In E
Chilly Gonzales – Othello
Chilly Gonzales – Train of Thought
Chilly Gonzales – Wintermezzo
Chilly Gonzales – La Bulle
Chilly Gonzales – Papa Gavotte
Jim Guthrie – Taking My Time
Jim Guthrie – Difference a Day Makes
Jim Guthrie – Before and After
Jim Guthrie – Never Poor
Jim Guthrie – The Rest Is yet to Come
Jim Guthrie – Bring on the Night
Jim Guthrie – Don’t Be Torn
Jim Guthrie – The Sound of Wanting More
Jim Guthrie – Like a Lake
Jim Guthrie – Wish I Were You
Jim Guthrie – Turn Me On
Hayden – Motel
Hayden – Just Give Me A Name
Hayden – Blurry Nights
Hayden – Old Dreams
Hayden – Almost Everything
Hayden – Oh Memory
Hayden – Rainy Saturday
Hayden – Instructions
Zaki Ibrahim – Draw the Line
Zaki Ibrahim – Everything
Zaki Ibrahim – Something in the Water
Zaki Ibrahim – Flux Capacitor
Zaki Ibrahim – Heart Beat – Original
Zaki Ibrahim – Black and Grey
Zaki Ibrahim – Kids Are Talking
Zaki Ibrahim – The Do
Zaki Ibrahim – Go Widdit
Zaki Ibrahim – Stand So Hard – Interlude
Zaki Ibrahim – The Brave Ones
Zaki Ibrahim – Conjure
Zaki Ibrahim – Your Song – Outro
Zaki Ibrahim – Heart Beat – Nick Holder Mix
KEN Mode – Counter Culture Complex
KEN Mode – No; I’m in Control
KEN Mode – Your Heartwarming Story Makes Me Sick
KEN Mode – The Terror Pulse
KEN Mode – The Promises of God
KEN Mode – Romeo Must Never Know
KEN Mode – Secret Vasectomy
KEN Mode – Figure Your Life Out
KEN Mode – Daeodon
KEN Mode – Why Don’t You Just Quit?
KEN Mode – Monomyth
Kid Koala – 1 bit Blues – 10,000 miles
Kid Koala – 2 bit Blues
Kid Koala – 3 bit Blues
Kid Koala – 4 bit Blues
Kid Koala – 5 bit Blues
Kid Koala – 6 bit Blues
Kid Koala – 7 bit Blues
Kid Koala – 8 bit Blues – Chicago to LA to NY
Kid Koala – 9 bit Blues
Kid Koala – 10 bit Blues
Kid Koala – 11 bit Blues
Kid Koala – Denouement
Kobo Town – Kaiso Newscast
Kobo Town – Mr. Monday
Kobo Town – Postcard Poverty
Kobo Town – Half of the Houses
Kobo Town – The Call
Kobo Town – Joe the Paranoiac
Kobo Town – Diego Martin
Kobo Town – Road to Fyzabad
Kobo Town – The Trial of Henry Marshall
Kobo Town – Waiting by the Sea
Kobo Town – The War Between Is and Ought
Kobo Town – Tick Tock Goes the Clock
Pierre Lapointe – N2o
Pierre Lapointe – L’étrange route des amoureux
Pierre Lapointe – Nu devant moi
Pierre Lapointe – Nos joies répétitives
Pierre Lapointe – Les remords ont faim
Pierre Lapointe – La sexualité
Pierre Lapointe – Des maux sur tout
Pierre Lapointe – Plus vite que ton corps
Pierre Lapointe – Monsieur
Pierre Lapointe – Barbara
Pierre Lapointe – Tu es seul et resteras seul
Pierre Lapointe – Les enfants du diable
Pierre Lapointe – Les ministères
Pierre Lapointe – La date, l’heure, le moment
Pierre Lapointe – Les délicieux amants
Pierre Lapointe – Gaetano pesce
Lee Harvey Osmond – Oh, Linda
Lee Harvey Osmond – Devil’s Load
Lee Harvey Osmond – Easy @ Living
Lee Harvey Osmond – Break Your Baby
Lee Harvey Osmond – Big Chief
Lee Harvey Osmond – Honey Runnin’
Lee Harvey Osmond – Leave the House
Lee Harvey Osmond – Freedom
Lee Harvey Osmond – Love Everyone
Lee Harvey Osmond – Deep Water
Les soeurs Boulay – Par le chignon du cou
Les soeurs Boulay – Mappemonde
Les soeurs Boulay – Lola en confiture
Les soeurs Boulay – Ôte-moi mon linge
Les soeurs Boulay – Cul-de-sac
Les soeurs Boulay – Un trou noir au bout d’un appât
Les soeurs Boulay – Où la vague se mêle à la grand’ route
Les soeurs Boulay – Ton amour est passé de mode
Les soeurs Boulay – T’es pas game
Les soeurs Boulay – Des shooters de fort sur ton bras
Les soeurs Boulay – Sac d’école
Les soeurs Boulay – Chanson de route
Les soeurs Boulay – Ça mouille les yeux
Corb Lund – Gettin’ Down On The Mountain
Corb Lund – Dig Gravedigger Dig
Corb Lund – Bible On The Dash – feat. Hayes Carll
Corb Lund – September
Corb Lund – Mein Deutsches Motorrad
Corb Lund – Cows Around
Corb Lund – [You Ain’t A Cowboy] If You Ain’t Been Bucked Off
Corb Lund – Drink It Like You Mean It
Corb Lund – Priceless Antique Pistol Shoots Startled Owner
Corb Lund – The Gothest Girl I Can
Corb Lund – One Left In The Chamber
Corb Lund – Pour ‘Em Kinda Strong
The Luyas – Montuno
The Luyas – Fifty Fifty
The Luyas – The Quiet Way
The Luyas – Face
The Luyas – Your Name’s Mostly Water
The Luyas – Earth Turner
The Luyas – Talking Mountains
The Luyas – Traces
The Luyas – Crimes Machine
The Luyas – Channeling
Majical Cloudz – Impersonator
Majical Cloudz – This is Magic
Majical Cloudz – Childhood’s End
Majical Cloudz – I Do Sing For You
Majical Cloudz – Mister
Majical Cloudz – Turns Turns Turns
Majical Cloudz – Silver Rings
Majical Cloudz – Illusion
Majical Cloudz – Bugs Don’t Buzz
Majical Cloudz – Notebook
Metric – Artificial Nocturne
Metric – Youth Without Youth
Metric – Speed The Collapse
Metric – Breathing Underwater
Metric – Dreams So Real
Metric – Lost Kitten
Metric – The Void
Metric – Synthetica
Metric – Clone
Metric – The Wanderlust
Metric – Nothing But Time
Metz – Headache
Metz – Get Off
Metz – Sad Pricks
Metz – Rats
Metz – Knife in the Water
Metz – Nausea
Metz – Wet Blanket
Metz – Wasted
Metz – The Mule
Metz – Negative Space
A.C. Newman – I’m Not Talking
A.C. Newman – Do Your Own Time
A.C. Newman – You Could Get Lost Out Here
A.C. Newman – Encyclopedia of Classic Takedowns
A.C. Newman – There’s Money in New Wave
A.C. Newman – Strings
A.C. Newman – Hostages
A.C. Newman – Wasted English
A.C. Newman – The Troubadour
A.C. Newman – They Should Have Shut Down the Streets
Old Man Luedecke – Kingdom Come
Old Man Luedecke – Jonah & The Whale
Old Man Luedecke – Tortoise And The Hare
Old Man Luedecke – Tender Is The Night
Old Man Luedecke – Broken Heart Buddy
Old Man Luedecke – Little Stream of Whiskey
Old Man Luedecke – A&W Song
Old Man Luedecke – I’m Fine (I am, I am)
Old Man Luedecke – Song for Ian Tyson
Old Man Luedecke – This May Hurt A Bit
Old Man Luedecke – Can’t Count Tears
Old Man Luedecke – Roll In My Sweet Baby’s Arms
Old Man Luedecke – Long Suffering Jesus
Lindi Ortega – Cigarettes & Truckstops
Lindi Ortega – The Day You Die
Lindi Ortega – Lead Me On
Lindi Ortega – Don’t Wanna Hear It
Lindi Ortega – Demons Don’t Get Me Down
Lindi Ortega – Murder Of Crows
Lindi Ortega – Heaven Has No Vacancy
Lindi Ortega – High
Lindi Ortega – Use Me
Lindi Ortega – Every Mile Of The Ride
Peter Peter – Une version améliorée de la tristesse
Peter Peter – Carrousel
Peter Peter – Tout prend son sens dans le miroir
Peter Peter – Réverbère
Peter Peter – MDMA
Peter Peter – Beauté baroque
Peter Peter – Le monde n’y peut rien
Peter Peter – Rien ne se perd, rien ne se crée
Peter Peter – Barbès-Rochechouart
Peter Peter – Les chemins étoilés
Purity Ring – Crawlersout
Purity Ring – Fineshrine
Purity Ring – Ungirthed
Purity Ring – Amenamy
Purity Ring – Grandloves (feat. Young Magic)
Purity Ring – Cartographist
Purity Ring – Belispeak
Purity Ring – Saltkin
Purity Ring – Obedear
Purity Ring – Lofticries
Purity Ring – Shuck
Rah Rah – Art & A Wife
Rah Rah – Prairie Girl
Rah Rah – First Kiss
Rah Rah – 20s
Rah Rah – Dead Men
Rah Rah – The Poet’s Dead
Rah Rah – I’m a Killer
Rah Rah – Run
Rah Rah – Fake Our Love
Rah Rah – Saint
Rhye – Open
Rhye – The Fall
Rhye – Last Dance
Rhye – Verse
Rhye – Shed Some Blood
Rhye – 3 Days
Rhye – One Of Those Summer Days
Rhye – Major Minor Love
Rhye – Hunger
Rhye – Woman
Daniel Romano – Middle Child
Daniel Romano – Two Pillow Sleeper
Daniel Romano – Just Between You And Me
Daniel Romano – I’m Not Crying Over You
Daniel Romano – He Lets Her Memory Go
Daniel Romano – Chicken Bill
Daniel Romano – When I Was Abroad
Daniel Romano – Where No One Else Will Find It
Daniel Romano – That’s The Very Moment
Daniel Romano – A New Love
Colin Stetson – And In Truth
Colin Stetson – Hunted
Colin Stetson – High Above a Grey Green Sea
Colin Stetson – In Mirrors
Colin Stetson – Brute
Colin Stetson – Among the Sef
Colin Stetson – Who the Waves Are Roaring For
Colin Stetson – To See More Light
Colin Stetson – What Are They Doing In Heaven Tonight?
Colin Stetson – This Bed Of Shattered Bone
Colin Stetson – Part Of Me Apart From You
Suuns – Powers of Ten
Suuns – 2020
Suuns – Minor Work
Suuns – Mirror Mirror
Suuns – Edie’s Dream
Suuns – Sunspot
Suuns – Bambi
Suuns – Holocene City
Suuns – Images du Futur
Suuns – Music Won’t Save You
Tegan And Sara – Closer
Tegan And Sara – Goodbye, Goodbye
Tegan And Sara – I Was A Fool
Tegan And Sara – I’m Not Your Hero
Tegan And Sara – Drove Me Wild
Tegan And Sara – How Come You Don’t Want Me
Tegan And Sara – I Couldn’t Be Your Friend
Tegan And Sara – Love They Say
Tegan And Sara – Now I’m All Messed Up
Tegan And Sara – Shock To Your System
Whitehorse – Achilles’ Desire
Whitehorse – Devil’s Got A Gun
Whitehorse – Mismatched Eyes [Boat Song]
Whitehorse – Peterbilt Coalmine
Whitehorse – Cold July
Whitehorse – Jane
Whitehorse – Out Like A Lion
Whitehorse – No Glamour In The Hammer
Whitehorse – Radiator Blues
Whitehorse – Annie Lu
Whitehorse – Wisconsin
Whitehorse – Mexico Texaco
Young Galaxy – Pretty Boy
Young Galaxy – Fall for You
Young Galaxy – New Summer
Young Galaxy – Fever
Young Galaxy – Hard to Tell
Young Galaxy – What We Want
Young Galaxy – Out the Gate Backwards
Young Galaxy – In Fire
Young Galaxy – Privileged Poor
Young Galaxy – Sleepwalk With Me

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