Police Blotter

While many people have come after us for our “stalker-ish” obsession with the Daily Caller’s Michelle Fields, nothing we have written has reached the level of this. Fields shared this picture on FaceBook to let us know that an adoring fan, Scott Wilkie, drew this for her. Apparently, we missed the “Self-Obsessed Journalist Collection” of the Color-by-Numbers book series. We assumed that Fields Fans were used to this type of behavior, but some were a little skeeved out by this. One person writes simply “Stalker”, while another writes in “Things just got creepy.” Fields just calls the artwork of herself “awesome.” And she’s not alone in her feelings. One person says, “Great art, great woman.” Another chimes in saying that it “looks like liberty.” The piece is SUCH a hit that Fields’ mother weighs into the conversation and asks to buy a copy of the piece. Wilkie responds that he is now SELLING the artwork for $55.95 at his website. If you don’t like the Michelle portrait, Wilkie also has this print up for sale.

It’s one of several scantily-clad, busty ladies bent over heavy machinery on the website. Considering Michelle’s past experiences, maybe it’s not the best idea for her to encourage Fields Fetishists to send in more prison art. As her fans continued salivating over the picture, one commenter, Joe Barton, suspiciously asked the artist, “Scott, you don’t swim in the Fishbowl, do you?” Well, Joe…  He does now.

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