PolicyMic Has Trouble With Photos of Flint, Michigan

Deadline Detroit columnist Alan Stamm this weekend was all over a sloppy bit of reporting about Flint by PolicyMic writer Laura Dimon. There were a number of issues with the article, including a couple of egregious photo errors.

The first photo mistake, rectified late Friday via the removal of the offending image (without a correction note), had the Israeli street at-right framed as being in Michigan:

An uncredited photo of a street in Ramla, Israel, accompanied the article until after 10 p.m. Friday. A Redditor named Sam first noted that incongruity Friday afternoon. He proves the error with a Google Street Maps image and posts:

“I thought I was hallucinating at first, but this picture is not actually from Flint. I know this because I lived in the place pictured almost my entire life. It’s a city in Israel called Ramla. I’m really confused as to why this picture is featured in the article and I’m a little creeped out.”

The second photo oopsie has at least been noted with a correction at the bottom of Dimon’s PolicyMic article. Embarrassingly, for this big diatribe on the problems of Flint, she and her colleagues led with this AP photo:

It was Deadline Detroit reader Joe Manzella in the comments who pointed out that the above photo is actually a shot of the Detroit intersection of Chene and Palmer! About the fortunate thing this weekend for PolicyMic with regards to the exasperated attention focused on Dimon’s article was the fact that Michael Moore was otherwise occupied on Twitter praising recent Hollywood movies. Lucky for them and her.

Update (Dec. 31):
PolicyMic has, commendably, added a pair of correction notes to the top of the Dimon piece. The first explains why the article headline has been changed; the second more properly addresses the photo errors we highlighted:

Photo corrections (updated 12/30/13): The PolicyMic editorial team mistakenly included a photo that was not from Flint, MI. This photo was removed on 12/27/13 and we apologize for the error. In addition, the original header photo was of Detroit, not of Flint, which was fixed on 12/28/13.

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