Politico And Thomson Reuters Among Names Said To Be Eyeing Newsweek

As speculation surrounding the sale of Newsweek wages on, Politico and Thomson Reuters have been added to the roster of possible buyers.

Previously, an item in last week’s NY Post Media Ink column claimed Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim had not only upped his stake in the New York Times Co, but had also visited Newsweek‘s offices, causing some to speculate that he was one of the “two billionaires” editor Jon Meacham had said were interested in purchasing the news weekly. However, Slim’s spokesperson publicly stated that all of that was completely false.

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, another name thrown about during talks of a possible buy, has also denied involvement.

Now, sources “familiar with the situation,” say Thomson Reuters and Politico owner Allbritton Communications have expressed interest in buying Newsweek, according to the NY Observer.

Previously, Thomson Reuters had attempted to buy Businessweek, eventually losing out to Bloomberg.

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