Politico Begins Replacing Calderone

Politico is not hiring one, but at least two reporters to replace Michael Calderone, the media blogger who left last month for Yahoo! News. One of those reporters, Keach Hagey, began at Politico on Friday. The other has yet to be hired, but FishbowlDC sources hear the person they want is someone with a “track record” for breaking news.

It is doubtful that the media blog will retain its interim name, “On Media.” It is also not definite that the column will be a reporter’s surname as it was with Calderone. Politico “Click” reporter Patrick Gavin has been temporarily filling in on the media beat. Though details have not been finalized, we hear he will likely continue to contribute to the media operation, but doesn’t appear to be seeking a full-time gig on the blog.

Another recent hire, Hillary Frey, will edit the media blog, which is a change. Calderone largely had control over his blog.

Hagey is an interesting choice. Most recently, the Stanford grad has been the senior business reporter for The National in Abu, Dhabi, UAE. Her online resume states that for the past two years she has been covering “media and marketing” for the business section of the English language newspaper. Before that, she worked briefly at CBSNews.com in New York.

In late 2006 to mid 2007, Hagey worked at the Village Voice, where she wrote a weekly column called “Press Clips.” Gawker feasted on these columns, diligently grading them on a weekly basis. (See here, here and here.) But the job didn’t last long – David Blum, then-editor-in-chief who had been trying to overhaul the paper, was soon fired. At the end of her trial period, she and those he’d brought on board were not retained.

Most recently at The National, Hagey’s resume declares that she co-founded the paper’s first business blog and went on to launch its media blog, “Mixed Media.”

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