Politico Scribe’s Writing Chops Under Assault Again

David Rogers, a seasoned reporter who covers Congress at Politico, can’t catch a break from the right or left, it seems.

In late October, The Daily Caller’s Christopher Bedford wrote a piece attacking a story by Rogers, calling it “garbage.” Today, Jamison Foser’s (formerly with Media Matters) turn to take a swing.

“Awful Politico paragraph is awful,” Foser tweeted. Accompanying the tweet was a screen shot of a graf from a story by Rogers published last night. The story is headlined “Getting past grudges to fiscal cliff deal.”

The graf in question…:

“The resentments are real. And the hard truth of the past four years is that neither Obama as the nation’s first black president nor Republicans as the keepers of the people’s House felt treated by one another with the respect they deserved.”

The prose might be a little theatrical but it’s not something we’d call “awful,” let alone “awful” twice.

We asked Foser what was so bad about it. He didn’t respond. When Rogers was asked about The Daily Caller‘s criticism of his piece last month, he told us “Politico’s policy is that reporters should not comment on these attacks.”