Politico Hits High Note in March

Think Politico reporters aren’t praised enough? Think again. Politico’s VandeHarris sent out a memo to staff this morning that’s sure to conjure up a little feel-good James Brown. They cc’d Publisher Robert Allbritton, who’s sure to be proud as punch when he sees how high the web traffic numbers are for March. A hint…they’re calling it “a new POLITICO high.”

See the football and “cookin'” analogies in the internal memo after the jump…

The final web traffic numbers for March were just tallied up and the results were quite gratifying: 9.3 million people came to the site, a new POLITICO high.

These numbers are based on our internal tracking system, which provides the most accurate month-to-month snapshot of traffic patterns available to us. Like all sites, our private numbers are often higher
than the official score-keepers: Nielsen and Comscore.

Either way, this is a big deal and a triumph for our relentless, best-in-the-biz web team, quarterbacked by Danielle on the content and speed side and boosted by Hemal on the SEO, social network and traffic
front. Our web production team makes the magic happen around the clock – have you hugged your producer today?

With this team cookin’ with grease, we are better than ever at getting our stories picked up by top aggregation sites and search engines like Google. Even better, we are getting more people to come directly to the site and click around on our amazing content.

Like everything here, this reflects the work of the entire company, because without the reporting, the editing, the copy-editing, robust sales, smooth operating site and other behind-the-scenes support, we
wouldn’t have the content worth clicking on.



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