Which Politico Reporter Qualifies for an Episode of ‘Hoarders’?

An alert to NYT reporters in the Washington, D.C. bureau: Consider this a polite warning. Politico‘s Jonathan Martin, who will soon join your clutches, is a messy colleague, and the proof is in the pictures. And if you think this is just a matter of him packing up and leaving, when life tends to be a shitstorm, his colleagues tell us a different story.

We hear that his workspace has been a disaster area for quite sometime, with JMart (as MSNBC’s Chris Matthews refers to him) often leaving things sprawled out beyond the hemisphere of his desk for colleagues to potentially trip over. To be fair, we’ve received word that Martin’s desk is now relatively clean, but that doesn’t mean that salami slices aren’t hiding in there. Hoarders” producers may still have a project on their hands once he moves.

“The mess was like that forever. Always,” said one of the nameless souls, who says NYT colleagues should also look forward to one of JMart’s notorious newsroom “outbursts.” Of the mess, it was explained, “People had to step over his shit littered in the aisle for years. It’s actually disconcerting to see it in its cleaned-up state. It’s as though it makes it real that he’s leaving.”

Perhaps his new colleagues should purchase surgical masks and strategically place orange cones around his new desk at the NYT?

Above is Martin’s actual desk in recent days with a note of graphic creativity by FBDC’s Austin Price. See all the pictures we obtained of his desk and the request for comment we sent him earlier today. Seriously, his desk area looks like it was hit by a cyclone. So far, his response is deafening silence.

Our note to JMart:


We’ve obtained pictures of your desk, which we understand has been quite a mess for sometime. Do you have a comment on your messiness? Have you always been like this? Would you ever go on Hoarders?

Thanks for your time. Story runs today should you care to comment.


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