Politico’s Allen Not Only Scribe With ‘Fancy’ Magazine Cover Story

What did MSNBC’s Willie Geist learn this morning on “Morning Joe?” In the segment that always closes the show, Geist revealed, “I learned that Mike Allen is not the only guy with a huge cover story. Patrick Gavin, Congratulations. ‘I love cats.'”

Geist was jokingly referring to Politico’s Patrick Gavin who appeared on this morning’s show. They photo-shopped him onto the cover of Cat Fancy magazine. (Clearly to show up Mike Allen being on the cover of the NYT Magazine this Sunday.)

Vital facts about Cat Fancy Magazine:
• First published in 1965.
• The magazine offers “health tips, polls, Editor’s notes, stories written by cat owners, cat product information, cat themed fashions, and a cat picture gallery, among other features”.
• Cat Fancy’s publishers don’t limit knowledge to cats. They also offer Dog Fancy to dog owners.
Cat Fancy Magazine’s main rival in North America is the formidable Cats and Kittens (You just know Cats and Kittens wins the morning).

Gavin took the joke well and laughed at the image. It turns out he and his wife are cat lovers – they have three. We hope to bring the doctored cover to you later in the day. For now, you’ll have to imagine Gavin stepping in for this cool cat below.

Watch the video below:

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