Politico’s Answer to Sunday Morning Talk

> Latest Update: We hear NBC’s MTP and David Gregory took a pass on participating in the first video, but it looks like they may be tempted to change their minds after seeing all of the other Sunday show hosts take part.

Sunday morning political TV is seeing a number of changes as of late, with new hosts on CNN and ABC along with live tweeting and fact-checking on ABC’s “This Week.”

Politico’s answer to all that? It’s “Turn the Table“, a new feature on the site in which Editor-in-Chief John Harris sits down with the stars of Sunday morning to get their take on the latest happenings in the political world as well as a sneak peak inside the week’s Sunday shows. Harris will be the constant host of the feature, and it will not have a rotating host.

This is the debut edition of what will be a weekly feature. Stars for this week include CNN’s Candy Crowley, CBS’s Bob Schieffer, ABC’s Jake Tapper and FNC’s Chris Wallace. Check out the page – it includes a highlight video plus the full interviews with each host.

> Update: Glaringly … NBC’s MTP with Gregory isn’t participating in the debut of the feature. We’ll find out what’s going on and keep you posted.