Politico’s Celeb Breakfast Brings Out Funny Barbs

Politico‘s Mike Allen and Patrick Gavin hosted their first celebrity edition of the Playbook Breakfast this morning with actors Tim Daly and Rosario Dawson and “Top Chef” finalist Mike Isabella.

And it started off a little dicey.

Editor-in-chief John Harris opened the breakfast by welcoming guests and briefly mentioned tomorrow’s WHCD, “or prom for nerds, as we described it in Politico today.” The phrase has been used for years prior to this morning.

Daly also had a problem with Harris’ introduction. He was introduced as the star of “Wings,” a sitcom that ended in 1997. Wings was “like, 20 years ago…It’s ‘Private Practice.’ It was on last night, maybe some of you saw it?” Daly joked.

Daly is in town with a crowd of celebs to promote The Creative Coalition and to lobby Congress for arts funding, especially difficult in a political climate that’s embracing budget cuts. Daly said that many people think of “the arts” as New York City operas, and ignore other things like architecture and clothing. “Like Patrick’s shoes, his socks!” Allen said. Gavin was wearing bright colored sneakers and pink argyle-y socks. “His socks especially,” Daly responded.

Allen asked where Daly gets his news, and the actor took the opportunity to rib Sarah Palin, saying “I read all of ’em. All the papers.” On the subject of the WHCD, Daly admitted he was most looking forward to seeing “somebody I respect embarrass themselves horribly.”

Next, Rosario Dawson took the stage with Maria Teresa Kumar to talk about their organization, Voto Latino, which aims to get Latinos voting and bring issues the community cares about to the forefront. Dawson described meeting the president: “He just kinda walked in…he looked great.” But she said she’s still looking forward to meeting someone else. “I’ve never met Joe Biden,” she said, adding “Vice President Joe Biden” to clarify.

Dawson spoke of her role in the organization, and said her history of activism helps her make her case to politicians. She hopes she isn’t just seen as a celebrity, but as a representative from Voto Latino. “I’ve been walking in marches since Al Sharpton still wore track suits,” she boasted.