Politico’s Laura McGann Moves Managing Finesse to Lobbying and Campaign Finance

Politico‘s Congressional Bureau Chief Laura McGann is heading up a brand new team that centers on lobbying and campaign finance. Some may also know her work from Harvard’s Nieman Journalism Lab, where she was prior to Politico. She’s also the former founding managing editor of The Washington Independent and worked at TPM.

On an unusual note, she has a dog named FOIA.

So far McGann’s team members are Ken Vogel, Robin Bravender, Anna Palmer and Dave Levinthal.

The search is on to fill McGann’s former position.

See the internal memo from Managing Editor Bill Nichols.

Subject: Lobbying/Campaign Finance coverage news


Few coverage areas are of more importance to us than lobbying/money in politics – and while we’ve done stellar work on those topics in our short history, we’ve always wanted to create a unified team of reporters under a single editor to make our already-great coverage that much greater.

Happily, that time has finally come.

Laura McGann, who has  done a superb job in her post as Congressional Bureau Chief, is going to head up a newly constituted team that we believe will absolutely dominate campaign finance/lobbying coverage as the 2012 cycle kicks  into high gear.

The initial members of Laura’s all-star squad, who hit the ground running this week:

*Investigative reporter extraordinaire Ken Vogel.

*Robin Bravender, who has been a superstar on PRO’s terrific Energy coverage,  and now will be focusing her formidable talents on the world of campaign finance.

*Anna Palmer and Dave Levinthal, whose brief time authoring POLITICO Influence has been a smash hit.

That’s the line-up for now, but we quite likely may seek to add even more reportorial firepower in the weeks to come.

This is a major step forward in terms of harnessing the reporting expertise we have in the room and we’ve very lucky that we have an editor of Laura’s skills to lead this exciting new unit.

Laura’s new gig leaves large shoes to fill on the Hill, and Marty will be heading up a search to replace her.


Bill Nichols
Managing Editor

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