Politico’s Mike Allen joins Washington Speakers Bureau

Let the sparks of controversy begin.

As of March 31, Politico Playbook writer Mike Allen has officially signed on with the Washington Speakers Bureau for representation. Media observers have long bristled over reporters giving paid speeches and the conflict that can arise or be perceived because of it. The write-up by WSB is fittingly gushing since obviously they want to promote him. They use phrases like “Washington’s most influential” and “driving force”  and someone who “drives the day’s conversation.”

See in its entirety….

From the WSB website:

We are pleased to announce that Mike Allen — one of Washington’s most influential journalists and the driving force behind Politico’s daily email tip sheet Playbook — has selected Washington Speakers Bureau for exclusive representation.

Dubbed “The Man the White House Wakes Up To” by The New York Times, Allen’s Playbook drives the day’s conversation from Washington to Wall Street to the West Coast. He is also the creator of the daily newsletter, Morning Money, which gives readers the political intelligence on the intersection of Washington and Wall Street — a must-read from Cabinet Secretaries to CEOs of the Fortune 500.

With an eye on the latest breaking news,Allen shares with audiences his fascinating, non-partisan, behind-the-scenes analysis of what’s going on in Washington and the road map for the 2012 elections — all told with high energy, candor and humorous anecdotes. One of Politico’s “Founding Fathers” who has been with the organization from its humble beginnings in 2006, Allen also shares what leaders need to know about building a business in a challenging market and economy.

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