Politico’s Thrush Gives Phone a Thrashing

Politico’s Glenn Thrush had a rough day yesterday. He announced via Twitter that he was getting a bad reception on his phone. Maybe an understatement?

While we’ve had some frustrating conversations in our day, we’ve never smashed a telephone to bits. We reached out to Thrush to see what could have possibly pushed him to treat his phone the way Pete Townshend treats his guitars.

He tells FishbowlDC, “I’m not sure which one did it… The precipitating blows came after chats with flacks and people I don’t like but had to be nice to. The coup de grace came after being knocked off the CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield claims line after negotiating 10 minutes of menus. After that one, all its little lights went out.”

Telephones of the Politico newsroom, you’ve been warned.