Politico’s VandeHei Takes Kid Gloves to CNN’s King

Current TV’s David Shuster is filling in for lefty radio host Bill Press this week. He had Politico‘s Executive Editor Jim VandeHei on the program this morning to discuss CNN John King giving what some believe was an easy out to Presidential contender Mitt Romney in last night’s debate. Romney said King gets to ask the questions, but he gets to answer them any way he pleases. King replied, “Fair enough.”

Shuster: “Fair enough, do you agree?” he asked incredulously?

VandeHei: “Not fair enough,” said a chuckling VandeHei. “I mean, the prob for John King after that last debate I think he only had so much wiggle room with these guys and to force them to answer questions they didn’t want to answer. …It doesn’t really serve voters’ purpose…I think what voters would like to know… can we trust you, are you really conservative, are you a fraud? …It would have been nice if John King could have pressed him on that. I do think his hands were a little bit tied based on that previous debate.”

Shuster: “Fair to say, I think that a Jim VandeHei would not have said ‘fair enough’ in response to Romney’s answer.”

VandeHei: (Again, laughing) “I’m a big believer that these debates should be more pugilistic than they are.”

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