Politics Daily’s Erbe Gives Gibbs a Verbal Slap

It was the bitch slap that could be heard around the world.

Politics Daily‘s Bonnie Erbe harshly criticized the White House handling of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan’s personal life in the publication’s infamous “Woman UP” TV show this weekend. The show claims to be “your antidote to too many men on your TV screen.”

To be sure, Erbe gives White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs this whopper of an insult: “To me, the White House’s strategy on this was ridiculous. …You would think that Gibbs would have gone to PR school at some point in his life and realized now if we make something of this…it’s gonna be a second day third day and fourth day story instead of going away.”

Even Editor-in-Chief Melinda Henneberger, who hosts the all-female online program, appeared to feel the sting, saying, “We all should have gone to acting school, right?”

Watch the show here.