POLL: Lord Voldemort for President in 2016 (Yes, Really)

Your choice: The Terminator or Ted Cruz?

voldemort votingvoldemort_presidentAs the gaggle of candidates for president in 2016 continue to grow in ‘Walking Dead’ proportions, The Washington Post took it upon itself to discover how America was feeling about this skilled group of talking heads.

Thanks to the creative team on its Wonkblog, we now have a firm grasp of how we all feel about the potential future leaders of our brave new world. It’s not so great.

Move over, ethics and transparency. Step aside, foreign policy experience. Away with you, understanding of complex economic policy. Americans place a higher value on terroristic androids, killer Great Whites, and even some dude whose name you’re not even allowed to say.

Have a look. To our fellow countrymen and women, we find your lack of faith in these candidates…hilarious.