Poof! WaPo’s “The Sleuth” Blog Has Disappeared, Scribe Joins National News Staff

“The Sleuth is Away,” says WaPo Mary Ann Akers’s gossip blog after a tiresome though fruitful search for it on the web and a futile search for it on WaPo‘s Web site.

Well, if by “away” they mean gone, then okay. But by all appearances, “The Sleuth” has disappeared entirely from WaPo‘s Web site. Nonetheless, Akers returned to the paper Thursday after a five-month maternity leave with this story on transgenders and Congress’s Non-Discrimination bill. Welcome back Mary Ann!

As one reader so eloquently put it: “That’s one way to ‘switch’ careers.”

FishbowlDC has requested comment from WaPo‘s PR department. They are sure to get back to us, but not by FBDC press time, which admittedly was late Thursday night. We’ll bring you more details as they come in. Watch here for updates.

> Update: A WaPo spokesperson tells FishbowlDC what’s happening on the Akers front: “Thank you for your interest. Mary Ann has expanded her role at The Post, joining the national news staff. She will continue writing about behind the scenes news in Washington both online and for the newspaper. Be on the lookout for a fun, enterprising feature she has coming out in the Style section very soon.”