Poop | Shizznit | Crap

AgencySpy: Here’s a stupid video that drives a point home stupidly. Warning: Poop is involved. So this is probably NSFW unless you happen to be a Brazilian amateur porn star working in a Dixie cup factory.

Gawker: Your gangster-themed MySpace page is perfectly legal. If I hadn’t deleted my account like two years ago, I’d be leaving sparkly animated .gifs for all my boys: Big love to Big Jo, Lil’ Jo, Fat Jo, Skinny Jo, Jo No Balls, JoJo and Miley.

Best Week Ever: Justin Bieber got a tattoo done on his hip, which brings the count to 14,927 things Justin Bieber and I, unfortunately, have in common. For those keeping track at home, we also have the same bra size and inspire the same disconcerting mix of lust and repulsion in young men.

GalleyCat: Movie critic Roger Ebert got a book deal for his memoir. If it’s anywhere near as absurdly wonderful as Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, it promises to be our favorite memoir ever. Well. Second only to Tori Spelling’s 2008 opus, sTORI Telling.

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