PopCap Games and Nexon Partner With Sometrics To Help Players Earn Currency

Offer provider Sometrics, which specializes in revenue maximization through optimal offer placement and targeting, announced 2 new partnerships with Nexon America and PopCap Games. Using Sometrics’ proprietary Offer Solution, players from Nexon America and PopCap games will be able to earn in-game virtual currency in exchange for filling out offers.

“Sometrics couldn’t be happier lending our proven skill sets in offer-based solutions to the massive audiences behind the free-to-play games of Nexon and PopCap, and we’re sure their players will enjoy an easy, convenient way to earn in-game currency for free,” said Ian Swanson, Sometrics co-founder and CEO. “The Sometrics Offer Solution platform is built for optimization, so we can deliver a variety of offers in the most efficient and effective way possible.”

Sometrics works with trusted brands such as Netflix and NBC to provide high quality offers to online gamers, avoiding the deceptive offers many companies offered brought to light by Michael Arrington of TechCrunch some time ago. Offers help publishers monetize users who are reluctant to spend money through direct payments and known to increase publisher revenues by 5-10%. Offers include a variety of surveys, high-value subscriptions, e-commerce shopping and more. With over 4,000 ads being served across hundreds of games, Sometrics is reporting eCPM rates as high as $700-$900. Offerpal Media, a competitor, used to report eCPMs of $75-200 a year ago, which tells us that engagement in games has skyrocketed. However with eCPMs you cannot distinguish whether players are spending more money or if more players are spending money, since eCPMs are are based on impressions.

Both Nexon America and PopCap are excited about partnering with Sometrics. “We’re excited about the revenue potential from Sometrics’ Offer Solution,” said Michael Carpenter, vice president of social games at PopCap. “This is an intriguing and potentially valuable partnership for us and a rewarding alliance for our customers.” Sometrics is helping companies get an average 15 percent in lift in revenue so we suggest you check out their offerings at the company’s website.

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