PopCap launches Solitaire Blitz for iOS

Game developer Electronic Arts PopCap today released Solitaire Blitz for iOS, a fast-paced, competitive card game.

Solitaire Blitz, which released for Facebook last year (Read our review of the game here), currently has 483,055 daily active users on the social platform, according to estimates from our traffic tracking service AppData.

In Solitaire Blitz, users are tasked with matching cards to clear their decks of cards in 60 seconds. Users can also compete with friends and follow along with the game’s storyline.

“The touch-screen experience takes Solitaire Blitz to whole new level,” said Scott Willoughby, franchise director for Solitaire Blitz, in a statement. “Combined with everything else that makes this game so amazing, you end up with the best free solitaire game available for mobile devices.” “Existing fans and first-time users alike are going to love this new version, especially since they can now compete with friends for high scores on the go.”

The game is available now for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.