For the Pope in D.C., Chicago Sun-Times Needs No Words

Paper lets pool shot by NYT photographer Doug Mills speak for itself.

New York Times photographer Doug Mills got some solid social media traction Thursday when he shared his pool shot of Pope Francis facing the gathered crowd in Washington D.C. Today, that same fantastic photo occupies an old(er)-school place of honor.

Above is today’s Chicago Sun-Times front page. Notice how there is no headline or sub-headline. Just the photo, the name of the paper at the top and a photo credit (Doug Mills/Getty Images) on the bottom, right.

We asked Sun-Times publisher and editor in chief Jim Kirk how often this kind of front page has been done. “It is very unusual for us,” he tells FishbowlNY via email. “I can’t recall us ever doing a cover like this. It was such a powerful photo, our Page 1 editor, James Smith, felt it didn’t need words. I agreed.” (Kirk also noted that locally, in print, there is a spadea ad wrapped around the Pope Francis cover.)

As we just noted, the New York Post opted today for a different front-page direction. To any Web editor today considering the headline “TGIF! (Thank God It’s Francis!)”… Please. Don’t.

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@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.