Pope Francis Loves New York

The pontiff has his own word for the City That Never Sleeps.

Start spreading the news. There’s a new word we can all use to describe the spirit of New York, a term that no doubt will soon be silk-screened across a passerby’s T-shirt.


From AP Rome correspondent Nicole Winfield’s report, which delightfully begins with the slug ‘ABOARD THE PAPAL PLANE:’

In a wide-ranging press conference en route to Rome from his first-ever visit to the United States, Francis also declared conscientious objection a “human right,” explained his admiration for American nuns and discussed his own star power, which was fully on display during his six-day, three-city tour.

He also invented a new Italian word to describe the exuberant reception he received in New York City: “stralimitata” — roughly, “beyond all limits.”

We’ll take it! In terms of succinctness, stralimitata is right up there with Cher’s “snap out of it!” moment in Moonstruck. And phonetically, it definitely doesn’t hurt that it sounds a lot like Hakuna Matada.

P.S. Speaking of Winfield and Pope Francis, check out her great (and we assume, fairly new) Twitter avatar photo.

[Photo: Sangaku/Shutterstock.com; H/T: New York magazine]

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