Popular Mechanics Relaunches Site

Magazine apps for the Apple iPad may be the latest thing, but magazines still see plenty of future in their own Web sites. Today, Hearst Magazines relaunches Popular Mechanics’ site with new content for DIYers and expanded reviews of power tools and outdoor equipment.
A cornerstone of the new site is its step-by-step project guides, whose template will be rolled out to other Hearst sites. On PopularMechanics.com, the tool will instruct visitors on building projects ranging from a treehouse to a volleyball court.
Pop Mechanics editor Jim Meigs said Hearst recognized DIY is one of the fastest-growing areas of the Web.
“We have such a big footprint in this area; one of the priorities was to really deliver,” he said. “On the Web, you can’t pull the wool over anybody’s eyes. Either they get the info they’re looking for, or they bounce.”
The redesigned site also introduces an extra-large display banner ad, which Hearst has dubbed a “Master Masthead.” John Deere is the first client to use the new format.

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