Popular Photography for iPad Annual Subscription Rate Not Too Popular

Popular Photography magazine’s iPad app update (2.0) brings redesigned navigation and, perhaps more importantly, the ability to buy a discounted annual subscription. Individual issues cost $2.99 for this monthly publication. So, you might think that the 75% discounted price of $14.99 for annual subscription would be warmly greeted.

Popular Photograhy+

However, based on the sampling of comments on the iTunes product page for the app, the annual subscription price is not pleasing everyone. Comment titles include:

– Pay $1 more than print subscription?
– No Coordination Between Print and Digital Subscriptions
– No Sample issue and too expensive

The overall rating for the app’s current version is a 2.5 stars out of a possible 5. And, 21 of the 42 current customer ratings (50%) give it 1-star. There are also 15 5-star ratings (35.7%).

The long awaited arrival of annual subscriptions for iPad magazines has still not completely resolved the price issue surrounding these tablet publications. Rightly or wrongly, there is the perception that an e-publication that does not require printing presses or physical delivery should cost less than the paper version of the publication.

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