Popular With Seniors: Classes On How To Use Facebook

Classes on how to use Facebook are among the most popular at seniors centers, assisted living facilities and retirement homes across the U.S.

Classes on how to use Facebook are very popular among senior citizens in the U.S., who say that social networking reduces depression and fights memory loss.

Seniors centers, assisted living facilities and retirement homes across the country are offering a wide range of computer classes, but ones focusing social networking are gaining in popularity, according to a recent article in the Atlantic.

For this demographic, Internet usage reduces the likelihood of depression by 30 percent, according to a study by University of Alabama Sociology Professor Sheila Cotten.

Even the eldest of the participants in Cotten’s research said that after they learned about social media, they felt that the world seemed bigger to them, and that they were no longer feeling left behind with respect to technology.

People age 50 and up represent the fastest growing demographic for Facebook in the U.S. Many of them want to join the social network because they see it as a way to stay in touch with their grandkids, who tend to log on to the site daily.

The growth in social media classes for seniors makes a lot of sense. And we especially dig a suggestion made by Julie Andrews on our sibling blog, Social Times: If you’re looking for a nifty volunteering opportunity, “check in with your local senior center to see if it may be in need of volunteer social-media instructors.”

Photo courtesy of the Atlantic.

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